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         We have named our gastropub Hobgoblin in honor of our ancestor Sir Hugo de Giffard who—rumor has it—enlisted the help of an army of hobgoblins to build the cavernous undercroft of Yester Castle. While the castle itself is in ruins, the foundations known as Hobgoblin Hall still stand. Sir Hugo was known as The Wizard of Yester and practiced his necromancy in the bowels of the fortress. Another magical incident in his life features a pear–now known as the Colstoun pear–which he enchanted and gave to his daughter on her wedding day, promising that so long as it remained intact, her family would prosper. It proved to be the case for hundreds of years, till a bride entering the family was overcome with the desire to bite the pear. It immediately turned from fresh and green to shriveled and black. Tragedies have troubled the family since. (Luckily our lineage comes down through her brother!) 

          Our gastropub features magical elements, like our potions, our gargoyle street lamps and our paintings of monsters, drawn by medieval monks and re-created in contemporary times by artist Kimberly Squiers. 

          Vital to realizing our concept has been the hard work and inspiration of our team, consisting of owners Andy Komwises, Nick Chantler Treenawong, Jamme Chantler and Chef Ginger Phomjun.