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7/20 Rebecca Cline duo with Bob Nieske

July 20, 2024 07:00 PM until July 20, 2024 11:00 PM

Rebecca Cline, piano

Bob Nieske, acoustic bass

As you indulge in the music, treat your taste buds to an exquisite culinary experience. Our Asian-inspired small plates menu offers a delectable array of dishes like the succulent Braised Lamb Shank Massaman and the tantalizing Homemade Shrimp Potstickers in a fragrant Tom Yum broth.

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Make sure to join us for an enchanting evening of mesmerizing music, exquisite cuisine, and a captivating selection of drinks. We look forward to hosting you and delighting your senses this Saturday evening.


Rebecca Cline is a talented and accomplished pianist whose music career spans over two decades. Based in Boston, she has made significant contributions as an educator, presenter, and performer, with a specialization in Latin and jazz piano. Her expertise in Latin jazz piano improvisation is reflected in her book entitled "Latin Jazz Piano Improvisation: Clave, Comping, and Soloing," published by Berklee Press. Rebecca has also conducted numerous workshops around the world, sharing her knowledge of improvisation within the context of the clave and Cuban piano improvisation styles. At Berklee College of Music, she has taught ensembles, Cuban piano styles, and jazz studies to undergraduate students for 17 years.

Having a passion for studying music in various global settings, Rebecca embarked on a journey of exploration and learning. In Brazil, she conducted research focused on cultural identity and indigenous rights within the context of the Festival do Boi-Bumba. Seeking new musical experiences, she moved to Puerto Rico to study the vibrant salsa dance music scene, which exposed her to a new role for the piano. Her thirst for knowledge led her to Havana, Cuba, where she studied folkloric percussion and dance at the National Art School for Music. Inspired by Cuban musicians, she returned for private studies with renowned pianist and bandleader Jesús "Chucho" Valdés.

Rebecca continued to immerse herself in the rich musical traditions of Cuba and Puerto Rico before returning to the United States. Recognizing the influence of North American jazz on the music she admired, she devoted time to studying jazz vocabulary. Jerry González, a prominent figure in the Latin jazz scene, became an invaluable mentor to Rebecca and even hired her for local quintet gigs. Her journey ultimately brought her to Boston, where she joined the faculty at Berklee and became part of the vibrant Latin dance music community in the city. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with various bands and artists such as Enclave, Obbini Tumbao, and Mango Blue, and currently focuses on performing with her own Rebecca Cline Trio.

Rebecca Cline holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin American Studies, with a Minor in Music, from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Bachelor of Music degree in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music. Her extensive musical knowledge, dedication to her craft, and passion for Latin and jazz piano have made her a respected figure in the music industry and an influential educator in her field.